About CTMA

Lars Sjøgren - Visitnorway.com

Lars Sjøgren – Visitnorway.com

CTMA – Cruise & Travel Management Advisor Norway was established by Wenche Nygård Eeg in March 2014. Wenche has 30 year`s solid leader experience from the travel and tourism industry. For 7 years she built up Cruise Norway in Norway to be a successful marketing organization.

CTMA is established to offer Norwegian and relevant international organizations and companies advisory services within business development cruise & tourism to Norway.

No one knows Norway`s strategic and operational cruise challenges better than CTMA! Take the opportunity and contact your neutral advisor Wenche for discussions on phone 0047 90912248 and/or on email: Wenche@CTMA.no

In addition to cruise advisory services CTMA offers travel management services like management for hire and establishment of travel and tourism companies and networks.

CTMA is approved advisor at Guidepoint Global Advisors – www.guidepoint.com. Guidepoint`s advisors has specialized industry knowledge and  is an exclusive network of academic and industry professionals who consult with business decision-makers and leading investors around the world. Guidepoint Advisors enjoys a reputation for excellence via the world’s most comprehensive compliance platform.

Cruise Advisory Services:

Advisor for cruise ports, public companies and organizations in Norway

Advisor for international organizations and companies operating in Norway

Business Development for companies operating in Norway

  • Marketing, sales and distribution
  • Special Projects

Business Development Norwegian cruise ports

  • Marketing Plans
  • Facilitation
  • B2B Marketing,sales and distribution
  • Networking
  • Analysis
  • Special Projects

Travel Management Advisory Services:

Establishment of travel/tourism companies and networks

Management for hire


Destination development

Special Projects